Bridging the Gap between Nutrition & Herbs

This is for Nutritionists, Naturopaths, Hands-on therapists and Functional Medicine Practitioners


who want to bridge the gap in their Health Practice so they feel confident to run a successful business, communicate effectively with their clients and create synergistic protocols using herbs and nutrition without spending hours post consultation.

Did you decide to study your profession to help people or to run a business?

For me, the initial six years of training was a passion project, but what a wake up call when I realised I now had to run a business so that I could actually help people!

How I can Help

Bridging the Gap between Nutrition & Herbs

A 6-week course to remove the overwhelm and mystery of Herbal remedies, and understand how and when to use market formulas in a safe and effective way. This combines the skills of analysing the ‘Body Whispers’, Nutritional knowledge, Iridology, Tongue analysis, Bach flower essences, essential oils and herbal remedies to create truly synergistic protocols for your clients.

Bridging the Gap between Practitioner and Practice

Learn all the entrepreneurial skills needed to set up and run a natural health clinic, from knowing your perfect client to getting them through your door.
Write your website, design eye-catching images, learn workshop presentation skills, deliver courses, build an online presence and more.

Bridging the Gap between Clinic and Client

Email sequences to keep your client on track, template questionnaires and beautiful customisable PDF’s to ensure you have a true partnership in helping your client to achieve their health goals.

Bridging the Gap between your health practice and legalities

Legal templates for your peace of mind, whether you work online, or in person; with groups or one to one.

My name is Gabi

and I can now look back on my 18 years as a Practitioner with admiration.
There have been trials and tribulations, tears of frustration and threatening to give up at least once a quarter with the constant question, “why wasn’t I taught how to run a Clinic?”
I now help Practitioners who want to fulfill their desire to help clients whilst effectively running their Practice.
I have created Bridging the Gap courses so YOU can create a balance between your Clinic, your clients, your time, your income and your sanity!

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