Bridging the Gap in your Personal Development

I remember when I was training, learning about all the different ailments and instantly thinking “oh that sounds like my auntie” or hearing about new remedies and thinking, “my dad definitely needs to be taking that”. All the time I’d identify a new vitamin, nutraceutical or herb with someone I knew. Somewhere along the line I forgot about me, especially several years post qualification.

Our Personal Development and growth as a person enables us to be better Practitioners. It can be simple techniques or questions you ask yourself that will enable GROWTH.


G - Goals

what is your driving factor behind being a Practitioner? (family, independence, financial freedom, time freedom, own scheduling, out of rat race of corporate?
Keeping your personal goals to mind, prevents the butterfly effect. I am a self-confessed serial-courser, but have committed to just stop and just be.


R - Reflection

Check out our ‘zero to hero’ series. How has this changed the way you may have addressed a past case either from this week or the past month. Focussing in allows for greater time, greater depth of knowledge and more ability to focus on your goals.


O - Observe

the type of person you find interesting and listen to the words they are using. Why do they resonate with you? What type of people do you keep attracting into your Clinic or your life?

W - Wellness

prioritise yourself to avoid burn-out. Practitioners put everyone else first – it’s in our nature, but it really isn’t sustainable. Use a diary and put in there all your non-negotiables – there’s the obvious ones such as school runs, but what are the things that fire your passion that you’d love to include regularly? Yoga, a dance class, coffee with friends, meditation. Go ahead, you’re worth it – wouldn’t you give the exact advice to your client?

T - Track

track your thoughts and feelings in relation to situations as they arise in Clinic.
What feels comfortable for you? Clients not showing up, asking for discounts, being late for appointments, entire families turning up for the appointment. Being able to tune in with your feelings quickly and perhaps feeling out various situations before they arise will allow you to stay centered.

H - Habits

create healthy habits both in your personal and professional life. One of mine is to have a ritual between clients that signifies the end of one consultation and the start of another, so I can energetically prepare the space.
Another is to start each morning feeling thankful for my full diary and centering myself to allow for the best possible consultation for that client.

I have worked with Crazy Creative Cool to design the most beautiful journal, specific to Practitioners. There are three beautiful books to guide you from thinking of starting a business to running an effective Practice, whilst ensuring Personal Development.

Book 1 Preparation

Behind the scenes of starting your Practice – Personal development

Book 2 Planning

Creating the right strategies to communicate effectively between your Clinic and Client

Book 3 Progress

Content planning and business marketing to ensure success between Practitioner and Practice

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