Bridging the Gap between your health Practice and Legalities

Being married to a Solicitor certainly helped, as I was setting up my Clinic 18 years ago.

“What terms and conditions do you have in place?”, “make sure you get your client to sign X, Y, Z”

I didn’t want to bother with all of that – I only saw ‘nice’ people – he was dealing with the ‘type who’d pull a fast one’ and besides, it created the wrong type of ‘energy’ to be talking legal stuff and money before I’d even met the client.

Well, you know what? He was right! Luckily over the years, it’s only happened three times, and with a high client volume and multiple Practitioners within my Clinic, that’s not bad going, but it’s not pleasant when it happens.

Whether you work on your own, run a multi-disciplinary clinic, see clients 1-1, online or run events and retreats, there’s multiple ways in which legalities can play a role.

The feeling of uncertainty, suspicion about new clients and fear about ‘getting it wrong’ can all be minimised or avoided with the right paperwork.


Let’s take ‘Ben’.

He was so thrilled to receive such glowing feedback, he was eager to share it online – why wouldn’t you, when it’s so positive and the client took the time out of their day to let you know?
Because permission wasn’t sought and the client hadn’t signed anything to say that was ok. The client threatened legal action and the situation could have turned nasty, but all turned out well in the end.


What about Jess

who just by chance noticed that entire pages of her website had been swiped – the wording, images and style – I mean, plagiarism at its worst!

Then there’s Gillian

who had issues getting payment from a client who had already had the majority of her sessions, plus a lab test and decided it wasn’t for her- for no other reason than she’d changed her mind and was going travelling instead.

Protecting yourself and your business brings peace of mind, but the way you go about it can either feel ‘sterile and legal’ or ‘warm and open’.

This is for you if you’re ready to Bridge the Gap between your Health Practice and Legalities and protect your:






Social media pages


Client’s personal data


Clinic appointments and consultations


Online coaching


Online presentations



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