Bridging the Gap between Clinic and Client

Keeping your client on track


Do you ever find yourself wondering how a client is getting on after you’ve had the first consultation with them?


Are you able to keep track of how many weeks it has been since their appointment with you?

When seeing a lot of clients it can be difficult to keep track of where they are up to.

See our Resources for useful client management software.


But what about implementing ways to keep your client on track?


What happens after they have left your Clinic?


What have you put in place to ensure their success so that they rave about you to their friends and family as you helped them to get well?

As you know, our role is merely to be a facilitator in the clients own healing journey, but there are steps we can take to ensure they have maximum success.

Fed up of spending hours researching and writing client reports IN YOUR OWN TIME without getting paid?

So was I!

I’d close the door behind the client, turn to my colleague and say, “right, now the work starts”.
You see it’s not just getting the client through your door to begin with- it’s also how you help to transform their life so that they rave about you and tell everyone else. But how do you achieve that?

When I qualified as a Naturopath 18 years ago, I thought clients would come knocking on my door and I’d have a steady stream. We’d see clients in class and then again for a follow-up, but NO-ONE told me I’d be expected to be on call for said client, via phone and email.


No-one told me I’d need to learn how to be a graphic designer just to create some decent hand-outs for my client, or a slide presentation for a workshop.

No-one told me I’d need to learn how to be an overnight tech expert so I could have a system in place for storing the hand-outs and delivering them to the client, or for setting up social media platforms and maintaining them.
If no-one told me, I can guarantee that no-one told you either. It’s not your fault. Didn’t you go into Practitioner training because you wanted to help people? Of course you did, but where was the small print? The terms and conditions that once you qualify you have to be way more of an expert than you’d planned – in fact you’d have to learn how to be the head of a company and wear multiple hats.
It’s ok not to automatically know these things- we certainly weren’t taught how to run a natural health clinic as a business.
Seeing your client for the first time is the perfect opportunity to nurture them in a way they’ve never experienced before; to set up a supportive framework in which they feel guided, safe and inspired to make a positive change in their life. It’s not just all within the first appointment though.

As you know, not all the information can be given straight away, so how can we create a structure that allows your client to still see you as their primary natural healthcare practitioner ten years from now?.

If you want to keep in contact with your client, maintain and nurture them but don’t know where to begin, let us help you with our fully customisable email series, slide presentations and group sessions & workshops.

Bridging the gap between clinic and client course: Coming soon!

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