The Kitchen Pharmacy Guide

This is for you as a Practitioner to guide your client in ways they can support their body with foods & herbs from their kitchen.


discover Inventive ways your clients can use herbs from their kitchen to support key body systems


learn Healing herbs to enhance your nutritional protocols


utilise food as medicine – Infused oils, herbal teas, edible flowers and many more

Gabi Forrester is a Naturopath, Functional Medicine Practitioner, Iridolgist and Herbalist and has been in Practice for 18 years, seeing clients in person, delivering online courses and lecturing for the CNM.
“I believe that there is a real art to a Consultation that combines what we can observe about the person in front of us, what we hear them say and what the lab results reveal. A true Naturopathic protocol should synergise all the elements to create a balanced solution”.

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